What can you become self-employed with

What can you become self-employed with

By Published On: 3. December 2023


Welcome to the exciting world of self-employment, where dreams come true and new challenges await you every day! Are you fed up with 9-to-5 jobs and want to be your own boss? Then you've come to the right place. Your path to independence starts with a tough idea and a good dose of passion. But don't worry, I'll take you by the hand and show you that it's not as hard as it might seem. We'll look at all the cool things you can do to do your own thing. From being a digital wizard online, to a craftsman in the workshop, to a star in the gastronomy sky - the possibilities are endless! So, buckle up my friend, we're starting our tour through the world of self-employment. We'll not only talk about dreaming, but also about the hard stuff like legal tips and what a bomb-proof business plan is. Topics such as finding the perfect niche and asserting yourself in the big wide world of the market are also on the agenda. Holey Moley, this is going to be fun! So, are you ready to do your thing? Then let's go!

Basics of self-employment

The basis for any successful self-employment is a solid foundation. Before we embark on this exciting journey, let's clarify the basics that every founder should know. Whether you want to develop an innovative app or start a traditional craft business, these basics apply to everyone.

Definition of self-employment

Self-employment means that as a founder you are your own boss. You run your own business, are personally liable with your assets and are responsible for your own income. This gives you the freedom to realize your own ideas and make your own decisions. At the same time, however, it requires a great deal of discipline, perseverance and the willingness to take risks.

Legal framework and requirements

Before you get started, you cannot avoid familiarizing yourself with the legal framework. The choice of legal form is one of the first and most important decisions you have to make. This choice affects not only the tax burden and liability, but also the financing and image of your company. Find out in detail about the different legal forms such as sole proprietorship, GbR, GmbH or UG. A look at the FranchisePORTAL can help you make the right choice. legal requirements for the establishment of a company to understand.

The importance of a solid business plan

Now we come to the heart of the preparation: the business plan. This document is your guide and at the same time your business card for banks and investors. This is where you set out your business idea, financial planning, marketing strategy and planned company development. A well-prepared business plan is not only important for external partners. It forces you to take a close look at your project and gives you a framework for the future. The IHK, for example, offers extensive material that shows you what you need to consider when drawing up a business plan. Structure and content of the business plan is important.

Self-employment is an exciting venture, but it also needs to be well thought out and prepared. With knowledge of the legal basics and a well thought-out business plan, you are well on the way to putting your company on a firm footing. In the next section, we look at how you can identify the right sector for you and find your niche.

Industry analysis and market research

Welcome to the fascinating phase of entrepreneurship where you find out where your business idea can best thrive. Before you dive headlong into self-employment, it is crucial to thoroughly analyze and understand the market in which you want to operate.

Identification of market gaps

The first step in analyzing your industry is to identify potential gaps in the market. The aim here is to discover the needs and wishes of your target customers that are not yet or only insufficiently served by the market. These gaps often hold the greatest potential for innovative business ideas and services. The key is to be attentive, listen carefully and interpret the signs of the times. Remember, it is often the small changes that offer great opportunities. A visit to relevant information portals can help you to find your Find and evaluate market niches.

To make sure you find a viable niche, you should look for answers to the following questions: Are there a sufficient number of people or companies who might be interested in this product or service? Are they willing to pay for it? How intense is the competition in this area? Can you offer an advantage over existing offers in terms of quality, price or service?

Competitive analysis

Once you have identified potential gaps in the market, you should focus on developing an in-depth understanding of the competition. A comprehensive competitive analysis will give you insight into who your competitors are, how they operate in the market, what products they offer and what their pricing looks like. This information is invaluable as it will show you where you can position yourself and how you can stand out.

There are many different tools and methods for carrying out a competitive analysis. Start with an online search to gain an initial overview. Analyze your competitors' websites, their social media activities and customer reviews. Industry reports, trade journals and studies can also provide deeper insights. One such guide to Analysis in six simple steps could be your starting point.

Target group definition

Another fundamental aspect of market research is target group identification. This is where you determine who your customers are and where you can reach them. It's not just about collecting demographic data such as age, gender or income, but also about understanding the interests, purchasing behavior and lifestyle of your potential customers.

Target group analysis allows you to sharpen your marketing strategy, optimize your product development and make your sales efforts more effective. Nowadays, social media platforms and online analytics tools provide valuable data that can give you a more precise picture of your target group. You should specifically look for characteristics that differentiate your target group from your competitors' customers.

Industry analysis and market research are complex but essential tasks on the path to self-employment. They give you an insight into the general conditions of your industry and enable you to make well-founded decisions. By understanding your market and your target group, you significantly increase the chances of being successful with your business idea. Equipped with the necessary know-how and the right strategies, you can set the course for a successful future. Because if you don't know where the journey is going, you shouldn't be surprised if you end up somewhere completely different.

Digital services as a business idea

If you want to start your own business today, there is one topic you can hardly avoid: digital services. The digital transformation has permanently changed our society and especially the world of work - and that's putting it mildly! Whether as a side income or with the aim of building a thriving business, the digital sector offers creative, flexible and sustainable business ideas. In this section, you will take a closer look at how you can successfully gain a foothold with digital services.

Web design and development

Today, a customized online presence is essential for companies of all sizes. This is a great opportunity for anyone with expertise in web design and development. If you turn to this sector, you can expect tasks such as the creation and maintenance of websites, the programming of user-friendly interfaces and the integration of online stores or booking systems.

You don't have to be a coding guru to get started. With platforms such as WordPress, Wix or Shopify, you can also offer web design services as a career changer. Use tutorials, online courses or relevant forums to get your skills up to scratch. Remember to build up your portfolio - preferably with projects that demonstrate the broad spectrum of your skills. The Selbststaendigkeit.de website offers a wealth of information on how to get started with digital models in the field of web design be successful.

Online marketing and SEO

While an appealing design and a user-friendly website are promising, it doesn't stop there. The real trick is getting the right people to the website - and that's where online marketing comes in. More and more companies are realizing how important a good online presence is for their growth, and this is where you can shine with your expertise.

SEO - search engine optimization - is one of the most highly regarded areas of online marketing. It involves optimizing websites so that they are given preferential treatment by search engines such as Google. But SEO is not the only magic word. Social media marketing, content marketing and email campaigns are other fascinating areas in which you can set up your own business. The ability to represent a brand online and spread its message in a targeted manner is valuable and in demand. You can specialize in helping brands reach their target groups effectively and maximize their online reach.

There are tutorials and courses on YouTube by experts such as Andreas Baulig that offer in-depth insights and analysis into the world of online marketing and show you the steps you need to take to set up your own business in the field of online marketing. Online marketing and SEO are necessary.

The possibilities in the digital service sector are almost limitless and the demand for professional services is constantly growing. With the right combination of technical expertise, creativity and entrepreneurial vision, you can carve out a niche for yourself and successfully start your own business.

The digital services industry is dynamic and requires continuous training to stay up to date. But the investment is worth it: you have the opportunity to get started in a future-oriented industry that offers you freedom and flexibility in organizing your working hours and working style. So don't waste any time and get started in the world of digital self-employment today!

Skilled trades and their potential

The skilled trades have always been considered one of the fundamental pillars of a stable economy. Even in the age of digitalization, skilled trades retain their irrefutable relevance and open up prospects for anyone who aspires to be self-employed with creativity and craftsmanship. With the wave of individualization and the desire for tailor-made, unique products, the opportunities for craft businesses are particularly good. Let's take a look together at the incredible potential that craftsmanship offers you for your self-employment.

Renovation and interior fittings

There is always something to do in the renovation and interior design sector. The demand for individual interior design, energy-efficient renovations and the clever conversion of existing structures is huge. Whether as a sole contractor or as part of a larger team, craftsmanship in these areas is in huge demand. Not only does the ability to refurbish existing structures play a role here, but also the trend towards sustainability and energy efficiency. If you have knowledge in areas such as insulation or more environmentally friendly construction methods, this can prove to be a convincing advantage over the competition.

As a self-employed renovator and interior designer, you can work directly with customers to make their dream homes and apartments a reality. In doing so, it is essential to offer a comprehensive service that ranges from advice and planning to realization. Attracting new customers can be a challenge, which is why a robust market presence with convincing reference projects is essential. You can find insights and solutions for self-employment in the skilled trades in the study by the Ludwig-Fröhler-Institut, which Potential, challenges and solutions in the skilled crafts sector illuminated.

Custom tailoring and textiles

Textile craftsmanship is a classic field in which individuality and quality work play central roles. At a time when mass production and the fast pace of life are often criticized, more people are longing for handmade products and tailor-made solutions. If you have a knack for sewing, knitting or other textile work, self-employment in this field could be an extremely rewarding experience.

Bespoke tailoring plays a special role here. It thrives on the personal relationship with the customer, understanding their individual style and body measurements. The revival of traditional techniques and the use of high-quality, environmentally friendly materials can also help to build a loyal customer base. Even in today's world, bespoke tailoring is a sign of luxury and something that not every fashion chain has to offer.

Due to the growing importance of sustainability and the appreciation of handmade garments, the sector has experienced a renaissance in recent years. If you are able to combine modern trends with traditional craftsmanship, you can occupy a niche that is appreciated by many. In particular, the combination of local traditional work with ecologically conscious action is a strong unique selling point. On Craft magazine you will find encouraging reasons why it pays to be self-employed as a craftsman and how to fully develop your potential in this sector.

Becoming self-employed in the skilled trades is no walk in the park, but for many it is an affair of the heart. In addition to technical expertise, it also requires entrepreneurial thinking and a willingness to learn new things and react flexibly to market needs. But the satisfaction that comes from creating objects of value and designing living spaces with your own hands can be immeasurable. Skilled trades provide a fundamental platform for you to realize your dreams with talent and dedication.

Gastronomy and food trade

Do you dream of opening your own little culinary temple where enjoyment and comfort are paramount? Then a move into gastronomy could be right up your street. But the world of food also offers plenty of scope for innovative self-employed people. Whether it's an organic grocery store, a café or a restaurant - the opportunities to start your own business with food and enjoyment are varied and promising.

Opening a café or restaurant

Gastronomy is at the heart of hospitality and the culture of every society. After all, the way to the heart is through the stomach, right? Opening your own café or restaurant can be very fulfilling and offers the opportunity to combine creativity with entrepreneurial skills. Whether you decide to open a cozy neighborhood café with homemade cakes or create an exclusive restaurant for gourmet lovers, the key to success lies in a unique concept and a strong connection to your target group.

If you are interested in opening a café, the concept of an organic café could be just the thing for you. Here you can emphasize sustainability and at the same time offer your guests healthy, organic and fair products. In our hectic everyday lives, many people are looking for oases of calm where they can enjoy good food and do something good for the environment at the same time. An article from Forum CSR sheds light on what is important when setting up a sustainable café and how you can go off the beaten track. make a contribution to sustainability can.

On the other hand, if it's more of a restaurant, then the culinary offering is just one part of the whole. Here you need to stand out from the crowd in order to survive in the highly competitive gastronomy scene. Perhaps you want to focus on regional cuisine or unique fusion dishes? Make sure that the location, the ambience and the offer go hand in hand - and remember that hard work and long hours are part of this business.

Specialization in regional and organic products

The trend towards regional and organic products continues unabated and offers great opportunities for the self-employed. Consumers are placing more and more value on the quality, origin and production conditions of their food. By serving a niche that focuses on regional specialties or organic products, you can use this increasing demand to your advantage.

Setting up a store that specializes in organic products requires not only in-depth product knowledge but also a deep understanding of your target group. Authenticity and transparency are crucial here. Customers want to know where their food comes from and how it is grown or produced. With such a concept, it is not only the enjoyment of the products that counts, but also a clear conscience.

You could also think about offering food subscriptions or boxes with seasonal products from the region. This allows you to combine the benefits of online shopping with the need for fresh, local food. Auxmoney's website provides an insight into a successful start in this sector, showing how thorough planning can lead to success. The platform presents an example of how a Café with specialty coffee and other organic products can be a success.

Self-employment in the catering and food retail sector can be extremely rewarding if you do your homework and start with a well thought-out concept. Your passion for good food and drink, combined with genuine hospitality, can be the key to a thriving business. So, take the plunge and make your dream of owning your own café or grocery store come true - the world of taste is waiting for you!

Health and wellness industry

Within the diverse landscape of self-employment, the health and wellness industry occupies a special place. It's a world where people's wellbeing takes center stage, and that could be your opportunity to build something meaningful. In this section, we explore different ways you can channel your entrepreneurial fire into people's wellbeing. With a deep understanding of health and wellbeing, there are exciting business opportunities here waiting for you to discover.

Personal training and fitness classes

Health and fitness are no longer a niche topic - they are a global trend. As a personal trainer or fitness course leader, you can help people achieve their physical goals and actively shape their lives. This personal contribution to the health of many people can be incredibly fulfilling.

With the right qualifications and a bit of entrepreneurial spirit, you can open your own studio or create individual training plans for your customers. Customer support ranges from nutritional advice to customized workout plans and can be offered both in person and online. The fitness industry is flexible: you can train at home, in parks or in rented rooms.

The key to success is to stand out from the many other providers. Specialize in certain training methods or target groups, such as yoga for pregnant women or strength training for seniors. Network with other healthcare providers to create a broader offering and think about a robust online presence, which is essential these days. You can find helpful tips for successful self-employment in the fitness sector on entrepreneur-wanted.coma platform that focuses on start-ups in this segment.

Nutritional advice and wellness coaching

Nutrition plays a central role in health. As a nutritionist, you can help people to live healthier and make sustainable changes to their diet. Wellness coaching, on the other hand, goes one step further and covers all aspects of physical and emotional well-being.

This industry offers you an excellent opportunity to have a direct impact on your clients' lives and guide them on their path to a healthier lifestyle. To be successful as a nutritionist or wellness coach, you should have the relevant specialist training and a strong passion for health care and fitness topics.

Online courses and webinars are also a way to share your knowledge while earning a location-independent income. By building a strong brand and social media presence, you can engage in skills-based marketing and position yourself as an expert in your field. Insights and help for start-ups in the health and wellness sector can be found on the website Contist with specific tips for entrepreneurs in this niche.

The health and wellness industry is fast-growing and full of opportunities for passionate entrepreneurs like you. To be successful in these areas, it's important to stay on the ball and attend training courses to keep up with the latest trends and scientific findings. Your knowledge and commitment to other people not only make the work incredibly meaningful, but also economically exciting. Seize the opportunity and contribute to the health revolution through your self-employment!

Education and training

The era of lifelong learning has dawned, opening up a wide range of opportunities for those who want to gain a foothold in education and training. Working independently in this field promises not only a financially stable foundation, but also the fulfilling opportunity to impart knowledge and contribute to people's personal development. Below you can find out more about how to be successful with educational offers and which niches are currently particularly interesting.

Tutoring and language lessons

Private tuition and language courses are in ever-increasing demand. Parents are happy to invest in their children's future, and globalization is increasing the desire for foreign language skills among young and old alike. Self-employment in this sector opens up numerous opportunities: whether you want to help pupils get better grades or support adults in learning a new language - the range is huge.

As a private tutor, you can provide students with targeted support in preparing for exams and help them to close learning gaps. Subjects such as mathematics, science and languages are particularly in demand. If you already have experience in this area or specialize in a particular subject yourself, this is an ideal way to start your own business.

Another aspect of tutoring that is becoming increasingly important is online tutoring. This flexible form of learning allows you to teach students anywhere in the world and at the same time enjoy location independence. Here you can use innovative teaching methods and modern technology to make your offer attractive. A look at the Superprof website will show you the advantages tutoring and how you can go about it can.

Language teaching is another area of education in high demand. With the rise of language tandem platforms and the increasing number of people relocating or working in multinational companies as a result of globalization, the demand for language courses is high. If you are bilingual or have a university degree in linguistics, you can use your knowledge to offer individual language courses or group lessons in different languages.

Online courses and e-learning offers

The digital age has made e-learning the norm. It has never been easier to share your knowledge online and reach people worldwide. As an expert in your field, you have the opportunity to create online courses and earn a passive income. You can rely on platforms such as Udemy or Coursera, or build your own distribution channel.

Creating online courses requires careful planning and a good understanding of how to deliver complex content in a way that is easy to grasp. In addition to creating instructional videos and teaching materials, you should also integrate methods of interaction and assessment into your courses to add value and ensure learning success.

E-learning platforms on which you can offer your own courses are a fantastic way to establish a foothold in the education sector. The Superprof platform, for example, provides tips on how to Giving tutoring online and being successful as a provider.

The education and training sector not only offers the joy of spreading knowledge, but also the opportunity for personal development and financial independence. Whether through traditional tutoring, the use of modern technology or the development of innovative areas such as online language courses - the education sector is a dynamic field with great potential for entrepreneurs. With dedication and the right strategy, you too can make your contribution to enriching the lives of learners and launch your own career.

Creative professions and their self-employment

In a world that is constantly thirsting for innovation and uniqueness, creative professions are the bread and butter of any dynamic society. They bring color and form to our everyday lives and have the potential to positively impact not only the economy, but also people's well-being. Whether you want to become the next Picasso or revolutionize advertising with your design, self-employment in the creative sector offers unlimited opportunities for those who are passionate about what they do.

Photography and image processing

Do you have the eye for the perfect snapshot? Photography is an art form that has not lost its relevance despite the ubiquity of smartphone cameras. Professional photography and skillful image editing are still sought-after services. From weddings and events to commercial photography, portraits and art projects, there are numerous ways in which photographers can turn their creativity into a thriving business.

However, self-employment in this field requires more than just a good eye. To be successful, you need to familiarize yourself with the basics of business management as well as the latest camera technology. An online presence where you can present your work in an appealing way is essential. You should also train yourself in digital post-processing techniques to bring your images to life and develop an individual style.

A great resource to help you get started as a freelance photographer is the MT Foto Journal. It outlines the steps you need to take and the tips that can help you get started. to become self-employed as a photographer. The platform provides valuable information ranging from equipment selection to customer acquisition.

Graphic design and illustration

Graphic design and illustration are also creative professions in which self-employment can be particularly promising. In this digital era, where every company is striving for a strong online presence, professional designers are more in demand than ever. They not only ensure that brands stand out in the sea of the internet, but also help them to create a consistent and recognizable image.

Being a graphic designer means harnessing the power of visualization to convey complex messages simply and persuasively. Whether it's logo creation, web design or product packaging, creative minds can build a solid income by creating unique designs that strengthen their clients' brand identity.

One of the most important elements for success is networking, both online and offline. By building a strong brand and constantly expanding your portfolio, you can stand out from the competition. For a brilliant example of the self-employment journey, check out Christian Anderl's article on the Brand positioning in 3 steps for creative freelancers covered. This external resource can inspire you and provide you with useful tips that can significantly advance your career as a freelance designer or illustrator.

As a creative mind who wants to take the path to self-employment, doors are open to you that remain closed in conventional professions. Use your creativity and entrepreneurship to not only generate an income, but also find deeper meaning and fulfillment in your work. The world is just waiting to be enlightened by your ideas and visions!

Environmental and sustainability sector

In our fast-paced world, environmental awareness and sustainability are becoming increasingly important. More and more people want to contribute to the preservation of our planet and are looking for ways to do so professionally. The environmental and sustainability sector not only offers passionate environmental enthusiasts a wide range of exciting activities, but also the chance to actively make a difference.

Founding a start-up in the field of renewable energies

Start-ups in the field of renewable energies are more in demand today than ever before. With the global drive to reduce fossil fuels and develop alternative energy sources, there are unimagined opportunities here. As a founder in this vital sector, you can specialize in solar, wind or hydropower and develop innovative solutions for sustainable energy supply.

But how do you get started in this technically demanding sector? First of all, you need a thorough understanding of the technologies and an eye for market trends. Partnerships with engineers and environmental scientists are also required, as well as extensive knowledge of relevant funding programs and legal frameworks. Thorough research on platforms such as Fashion Changers can help you understand the need for renewable energy in the general context of sustainability and align your business ideas accordingly.

Sustainable fashion and upcycling

Another port of call for entrepreneurs in the environmental and sustainability sector is the world of fashion. The industry is often criticized for its environmentally damaging practices. Upcycling offers an innovative answer: old materials are upcycled and given a new lease of life in the form of fashionable clothing or accessories. This breaks the cycle of throwaway culture and makes an important contribution to environmental protection.

Entering the upcycled fashion market requires creativity and a keen sense for trends. Networking with fashion bloggers and influencers, participating in sustainability fairs and collaborating with boutiques can also make it easier to enter the market. Your designs can tell a story - from the rescued fabric to the new garment. An excellent example of this is the platform House of Edenwhich offers numerous upcycling ideas and DIY tips for sustainable fashion and can therefore give you inspiration for your own business.

The environmental and sustainability sector not only offers you the opportunity to secure your income, but also to play an active role in shaping a better future. In this vast garden of opportunities, it is up to you to sow the seeds of your business idea and make it blossom. So enter the world of green professions, where your work promises not only economic but also ecological benefits.

IT industry and software development

Immerse yourself in the world of bits and bytes, where innovation and future technologies go hand in hand. The IT industry and software development are the beating heart of the modern economy and offer countless opportunities for entrepreneurial spirits who want to gain a foothold in this dynamic sector. With the right ideas and a pinch of technical know-how, you too can become a pioneer of the digital revolution. But what do you need to get started in this industry? Let's get down to the nitty gritty!

App development

In a world where the smartphone has become a constant companion, app development is a goldmine for budding IT professionals. Whether games, education or healthcare - apps have become an integral part of our everyday lives. As an app developer, you can create applications that simplify, enrich or simply make life more entertaining.

Successful app developers are not only programmers, but also visionaries. They understand the needs of users and are able to translate these into intuitive and elegant applications. In addition to programming skills, an understanding of good design and user experience is essential for this. The field is wide: you can specialize in iOS or Android or even offer cross-platform solutions.

Launching your own app on the market requires comprehensive planning and a well thought-out strategy - from the initial concept through to marketing. Exchange ideas with other developers and keep an eye out for the latest trends and technologies. To start your adventure in app development, the Informatik Aktuell website offers an insight into the Self-employment in the IT sector and the challenges you may face.

IT security services

In our digitally networked world, IT security is becoming increasingly important. Company data, personal information and financial transactions must be reliably protected. Experts are therefore needed to protect companies and private individuals from cyber attacks, data loss and identity theft.

These specialists are not only responsible for implementing secure systems, but also for educating their clients about risks and training preventative measures. As an IT security consultant, you can play a crucial role in helping to secure the digital infrastructure and build trust in technology.

To be successful in this field, you need up-to-date knowledge of threats and defense strategies as well as a strong understanding of network architectures and encryption techniques. It is also important to keep up to date with the latest legislation and best practices. The DV-Treff website provides information on this, how you can work as an IT consultant on a freelance basis and make optimum use of your specialist knowledge.

The IT industry and software development are playgrounds of innovation where you can make a big impact as a creative and tech-savvy founder. Whether you're an app developer creating the next viral application or an IT security expert helping to make the digital world a safer place - the possibilities are endless. Take courage and bring your ideas to this promising market. Your path starts here, so be ready to take it!

Do you want to be your own boss and love making events an unforgettable experience? Then event management and event services could be right up your street. The key to success in this industry is creativity, organizational talent and a good understanding of what inspires people. Whether it's organizing trade fairs, conferences, weddings or birthday parties - with a good flair for planning and an eye for detail, you can get off to a flying start in this exciting industry.

Organization of company events

Corporate events are more than just a gathering of employees; they are an opportunity to strengthen the corporate culture, celebrate successes and promote team spirit. As an event manager, you will develop concepts that are perfectly tailored to the wishes and needs of the company's clientele. You are responsible for ensuring that everything is right, from the choice of location to the catering and the supporting program. You will often work closely with marketing, as a successful event can visibly strengthen a company's brand and polish its image.

In addition to pure creativity and planning skills, an extensive network of service providers such as caterers, technology rental companies and location operators is crucial. You should also be able to keep an overview and improvise in stressful situations. When it comes to setting up your own event management company, platforms such as Gründerplattform offer valuable information to help you position yourself in the best possible way. For example, take a look at resources on the topic of "Founding an event agency: This is what matters" to put your business idea through its paces.

Wedding planner and private celebrations

When it comes to the best day of their lives, many couples don't want to leave anything to chance. This is where you can step in as a wedding planner and ensure that weddings go exactly as the bride and groom dreamed. Your service includes not only the planning and organization of the celebration, but also the emotional support of the couple during the entire preparation time. Creativity, empathy and organizational talent are particularly in demand here.

Planning other private celebrations such as anniversaries, birthdays or family parties can also be part of your portfolio. This area of event management requires a special degree of sensitivity and the ability to respond to individual customer requests. With a strong presence on social media and a representative website, you can increase your reach and tap into additional customer groups.

But where do you get the knowledge you need to be successful in this field? Fortunately, there are numerous resources and training paths. For example, find out more at Billomat about how you can start your own business as an event manager and what you need to bear in mind.

Whether corporate events, weddings or private parties - you can shine with passion and professionalism in the field of event management and event services. It offers you the chance to combine creativity with business thinking and create unforgettable experiences. With the right approach, every event becomes a highlight and you become a sought-after expert for unforgettable moments.

Imagine if you could use your financial knowledge not only to increase your own wealth, but also to help others realize their financial dreams. In the field of financial services and consulting, you have the opportunity to do just that. With the right approach and expertise, you can play a leading role in this industry. It's not just about facts and figures, but also about trust, discretion and, above all, tailor-made solutions.

Independent financial advice

Independent financial advisors are now more important than ever as more and more people are wondering how best to invest their money. Your job as an advisor would be to guide them through the opaque jungle of investment options, insurance products and retirement plans. Honesty and a good dose of analytical thinking are your assets here. By providing independent advice without being tied to specific financial products, you are able to tailor your offer precisely to the needs of your clients. And the more satisfied your clients are, the more likely they are to recommend you to others.

To be successful in this field, you should not only have the appropriate qualifications, for example as a banker or with a degree in business administration, but also take continuous further training seriously. The world of finance is changing rapidly and only those who stay on the ball can advise their customers effectively. A good place to start to gain a deeper insight into the subject is the Financial advice for start-ups and practice ownerswhich brings light into the darkness of the early days of self-employment.

Business start-up advice

Not for the faint-hearted and yet a dream for many: starting your own business. This is where business start-up consultants come into play, helping founders to stand on a firm footing. They are the guides in the world of bureaucracy, financial planning and market launch. The ability to explain complex economic relationships in an understandable way and develop strategic plans is the be-all and end-all.

As a consultant in this field, you are often the first point of contact for start-ups and therefore a decisive factor in their success. You provide support in drawing up the business plan, examine financing options and help them understand the legal requirements. It is a job that not only requires specialist know-how, but also a high degree of empathy and strong communication skills.

If you would like to become self-employed in this field, you will find useful tips and information on the portal of the Gründerhomepage. The overview of the Starting a business in the financial sector shows you what to look out for and how you can gain a foothold as an independent advisor. From insurance brokers to investment advisors - the range of opportunities is wide.

In the world of financial services and consulting, the range of opportunities is broad. Whether you're an independent financial advisor guiding your clients through the financial jungle or a start-up consultant building young businesses, you have a lot of responsibility. This role not only demands hard work from you, but also provides immense satisfaction when you see your clients grow and prosper financially thanks to your support. Seize the opportunity and use your knowledge and skills to lead both your own business and that of your clients to successful growth.

The real estate industry is booming and offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to gain a foothold in this sector. Whether you want to enter the world of real estate brokerage or the exciting field of asset management, it requires sharp business acumen, a good network and an understanding of market mechanisms. So now it's time to get serious - buckle up and enter the world of real estate!

Real estate brokerage and management

As a real estate agent, you mediate between buyers and sellers or landlords and tenants, and no two days are the same. This profession demands a lot: negotiating skills, market knowledge, patience and, above all, knowledge of human nature. But it's worth it: the commissions can be attractive and there are always new properties and people to get to know.

In addition to selling and letting, real estate management is also an important pillar of the industry. This involves looking after properties and taking care of maintenance, facility management and tenant communication. Thanks to increasing digitalization, there are now innovative ways to work efficiently and in a customer-friendly manner in property management. Start-ups in the PropTech sector are revolutionizing the market with smart solutions for the management and energy supply of properties.

Prospective real estate entrepreneurs can get an up-to-date overview of the constantly changing real estate market from the "Startup Insider" information platform, for example, which provides a wide range of articles on startups and news from the real estate industry. You can gain detailed insights into the world of real estate management from the report on All startups, news & more who can help you develop your business idea.

Networking is the key to gaining a foothold. Attending real estate fairs, local networking events or establishing an online presence can be crucial to gaining your first clients. It is particularly advisable to work closely with experienced experts from the real estate world in order to offer a wide range of valuable services.

Investment advice and asset accumulation

The dream of owning your own house or apartment lives in many people's minds. As an investment consultant in the real estate sector, you will help customers to achieve this goal. You will analyze the market, advise on buying or selling decisions and develop strategies for building wealth through real estate. This requires not only a good understanding of finance, but also knowledge of local market trends and the legal framework.

More and more innovative PropTech start-ups are making it easier to enter the real estate market and offering new ways for investors to invest in real estate. For example, they offer platforms for crowdinvesting or tools that simplify the management of real estate investments. With such digital innovations in the real estate sector, you have tools at your disposal that were previously reserved exclusively for large investors.

One of the sources to gain deeper insights and find out about current trends is the publication from "Haufe", which deals with efficient energy supply and management thanks to PropTechs. Start-ups are presented here that show innovative ways, such as Administration and energy supply of real estate can be designed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Self-employment in the real estate industry presents many challenges, but also great opportunities. With the right mix of expertise, people skills and modern technology, you can offer a pioneering service that sets you apart from other market players. Whether you venture into real estate brokerage, specialize in investment consulting or develop innovative digital solutions for the industry yourself, your success depends on your willingness to break new ground and keep learning.

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